China on my mind

Two things have been keeping me busy recently. One is setting up a blog to accompany the Visualising China platform, our online, open-access resource of 8,500+ digitised photographs of China, mostly to be found in Britain, and mostly in the hands of private families with historic connections to China. These are the descendents of the people I’ve been writing about in my books, and one wonderful by-product of the research for the books has been making contact with such families. They’ve been very generous with information, documents and photographs, and I’ve drawn upon this resource, as much as I’ve drawn upon official archives and documents.

The other source of busy-ness has been the appearance in paperback of The Scramble for China, in its very handsome cover.

2 thoughts on “China on my mind

  1. I have sent to you over the last two or three months a couple of messages about a photographic archive of my mother’s, consisting of photos of old Shanghai and other places in China. Are you interested in these? If not, could you please say so and I will stop bringing this up. If they could be of interest I should be happy to show them to you so you can draw your own conclusions.
    Regards, Martin Fowler

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